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How to Properly Organize Your Song Lyrics with Dropbox

Although it is not one of the more obvious songwriting tasks, organizing your song lyrics something vital to consider for the sake of efficiency. In the past, I’ve kept my lyrics in a notebook, but they would get unorganized and messy very quickly. This calls for the need of a better solution, and that solution is storing lyrics online.

If you are a songwriter that likes to look back at your past lyrics, consider using an online platform to store and organize your song lyrics. Additionally, if you would like the convenience of accessing your lyrics from another computer or your mobile phone, consider using an online platform. Today, I will show how you can use Dropbox to achieve lyrics organization bliss, regardless of whether you like to type out your lyrics or write them by hand.

Create a Free Account with Dropbox

To use Dropbox to store and organize your song lyrics, you must first have a Dropbox account. If you don’t already have one, head on over to to open up a FREE account with a limited amount of space.

Create a Folder For Your Lyrics Within Dropbox

To start, I would recommend creating a folder within your Dropbox account to be the home for all of your lyrics. Your Dropbox may be used for many things, so storing your files within a specific folder will save you a lot of time and keep things nice and organized. To create a new folder, select “New Folder” from the main menu within Dropbox. 

But don’t stop there! Use additional folders within your main Lyrics Folder to organize even further. This is particularly useful if you are in multiple bands or groups like many musicians are. Furthermore, you can use these subfolders to organize lyrics by mood, style, genre, etc.

Creating Microsoft Word Files Directly Within Dropbox

Once you have your Lyrics Folder created, open up the folder. You are now ready to start adding your files. Dropbox comes with an online version of Microsoft Word, so you can create Word files within Dropbox and skip the process of uploading text documents individually.

From the main screen in your Dropbox account, click the “Create New File” dropdown box and select “Word Document.” Then give the new file a name, and type away. Enjoy the simplicity and the comfort of writing lyrics knowing your changes will be updated automatically every few seconds.

Upload Word Files to Dropbox

If you have already started storing your lyrics in Word files on your computer, upload these files to your new Lyrics Folder so that you can access these files from the cloud.

From the main Dropbox menu within the folder, select “Upload Files.”

Create PDF Files of Your Handwritten Lyrics Within Dropbox

A songwriter writing lyrics by hand.

Every songwriter is different, and I have met many musicians/songwriters who hate the idea of writing lyrics on a computer or from a phone. To them, the use of pen and paper is instrumental in the songwriting process. To others, it is simply easier to grab a pen and jot things down while the creative juices are flowing. If this is your preferred method of writing lyrics, no sweat! With Dropbox, you can take photos of your handwritten lyrics with your smartphone and create a black and white PDF file to store within your account.

On your smartphone:

  1. Press the “Create” button from the bottom menu,
  2. Press the “Scan Document” option.
  3. Take a photo of your handwritten lyrics once Dropbox opens your camera.
  4. Make adjustments to the PDF, such as cropping or rotate, if needed, and then click Next.
  5. Given the file a unique file name.
  6. Select your Lyrics Folder or subfolder as the file location.
  7. Press Save.

Your beautifully handwritten song lyrics are now saved in your Dropbox account. Repeat this process with each page of your notebook or with each new songwriting session. Enjoy the bliss of organizing your song lyrics.

Additional Uses

I’ve been using Dropbox to store and organize my lyrics for years, but I use my account for other aspects of my music as well!

A while ago, I created running lists of both song titles and album names. As I think of new titles, I add them to these lists to ensure I don’t forget them. Then, when I’m gearing up to release an album, I review this list and pick my album name and song titles.

I also use Dropbox to store my audio recordings and audio project files. Storing these files within Dropbox is particularly useful for musicians because it enables you to record/produce on the go. It also makes it a ton easier to collaborate with others.


And that’s it! With a free Dropbox account and a few simple steps, you’ve upgraded your storage game and have made it easier for your to write songs and lyrics on the go. Songwriting can be a daunting task, so don’t make it even harder on yourself. Use your new organization system and keep on writing.

If you need assistance with your songwriting, visit our home page for today’s sample lyrics.