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Using Our Sample Lyrics

Starting out

The FREE lyrics you find here at SampleLyrics can be used in various ways. Whether you are using the lyrics to start a new song or add to one you’ve already started, they will come to great use. If you start a new song from scratch and need a song theme to write about, click here to be fitted with a randomly generated theme. You can click through to find a theme that best fits you, but writing to the first theme chosen for you will help you write outside your comfort zone and challenge your songwriting abilities. Challenge your abilities more by using as many of the daily sample lyrics as possible.

When you read the daily sample lyrics, actively look for ways to give them deeper meaning. If particular lyrics don’t feel meaningful to you, MAKE them meaningful. This is important to creating songs with tone and invoking thought/emotion. You can do this by using the people, places, and things around you and your experiences and memories, to give the sample lyrics any needed context. If you find yourself stuck or still missing certain parts of your song(s), continue to check back to the site daily for further songwriting inspiration.

Possible Uses

The sample lyrics you find here will work great for any portion of a song, depending on your song’s style of telling. When starting a brand new song, try to visualize where a lyric phrase will work best(intro, verse, chorus, etc.). But don’t stop there! Find other uses to the free lyrics, such as:

  • Song hook
  • Song title
  • Album title
  • Band name
  • Other forms of writing, poems/speeches

Matching to what you have

When you find sample lyrics you like or want to use, it may help better to use them as a guide to what you want to say rather than use them verbatim. Since everyone’s writing style is different, this will allow you to add your style, giving the lyrics a new spin and make the song your own. Rewording or only using certain parts will make the possibilities endless.

Improving and developing

There’s no better way to improve your songwriting skills than to challenge yourself constantly, and that’s what we are here to do. Do not let yourself get comfortable in how you write. And remember, practice makes perfect. Songwriting is an art that has to be trained daily. Many prolific songwriters, such as Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, and Paul McCartney,  have written countless songs over the course of their careers. Writing daily will show you your strengths and weaknesses. SampleLyrics will help you build on them accordingly and have you on your way to writing meaningful music.

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